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Odour Recognition Trial, 5 May 2018: Save the date and register

By March 13, 2018No Comments

BDAG is planning an Odour Recognition trial on May 5th 2018 in Geelong (Moolap) with the assistance of Australian Canine Scent Work (ACSW)

Further information and to register for the NW1 trial:

Register to be a volunteer on the day:

Save the date - ORT scent trials on 5 May 2018


Note the following:-

  • Once the trial closes, the ACSW will check that all memberships are current, dogs are registered and will confirm the birch ORT has been passed.
  • ACSW will – if needed – perform a ballot and will inform all successful competitors via email that they need to pay by 6 April (via CHQ/EFT).
  • ACSW will inform unsuccessful competitors that they are on a waiting list (pending payments by successful competitors).
  • ACSW will email all successful trial competitors between 20-25 April confirming all details for the day of the trial including the address.

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