Club Committee, Constitution, Policies and Procedures

Bellarine Dog Activities Group Committee 2022-23

President: Cheryl Nagel
Vice President: Jo Hamilton
Corporate Secretary: Shelley Watson
Treasurer: Shelley Watson
General Member: Tara Draper

General Member: Natalie Davey

General Member: Bronwyn Davies

Club Policies and Procedures

Liability Waiver

The Liability Waiver is designed to protect all members of the club and the committee who volunteer their time to run the club.  We all recognise that dog training does not come without risk, especially when many dogs are together in one location.  We ask all members to understand and recognise this risk and to waive any liability of the committee and instructors.  The Liability Waiver must be agreed to as part of the Membership registration process.  Your agreeing to this as part of the Membership registration process is equivalent to your signature on the Liability Waiver.  We are a not-for-profit club that aims to provide cost effective training options for our members and it is not possible to expect club members to volunteer their time if it means they are at financial risk should an incident occur. We do our best to make our training classes safe but we can never eliminate all risk.  If you are unwilling to release our club, volunteer committee members and volunteer instructors from all liability, please find alternative training arrangements with professional, fully paid instructors.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct clarifies the standard of behaviour that is required of all members of the Club.

Privacy Statement

In order to fulfill the aim of the club, BDAG collects personal information from applicants and members.  The BDAG Privacy Statement describes what information is collected and how it is used, stored and protected.  All club officials who have access to this personal information are required to sign an acknowledgement that the information will be kept private and confidential, and used only in accordance with the Privacy Statement.

Refund Policy

The  Refund Policy outlines circumstances under which a refund of payments made will be considered.

Extreme Weather Cancellation Policy

The Extreme Weather Cancellation policy outlines the parameters of extreme weather – such as heat –  which would result in the cancellation of training classes.

Honorarium Payment Policy

The Honorarium Payment policy outlines the circumstances under which the Club may consider paying an honorary reward (a token amount) for voluntary services provided by some club appointments.  The policy sets out eligibility criteria and outlines how honorariums may be considered and applied within the club.

Procurement and Payment Procedures

The Procurement and Payment procedure outlines the processes and approvals required to use club funds to purchase materials or services for the club.

Club contribution to professional development of qualified, practicing instructors

At the 2018 AGM the club introduced a contribution to the professional development of qualified, practicing instructors.  The approved policy is attached below, and it explains how the contribution is accessed.