Training Resources

Due to the back-log of people on our waitlist, we provide below some information on suitable online training that follows the positive reinforcement based training techniques used by BDAG

During any Covid lockdowns:

We’d like to encourage you to continue training your dog at home during this time.  You can practice all the exercises and activities that you have learned in classes, and you can draw on any resources or notes that your instructor has sent you.  Remember, dog training is best done using high value treats and in short intervals, leaving your pup wanting more.

To support your training efforts, below is a list of on-line training opportunities which meet the high standards for motivational force-free and fear-free training we set at BDAG.  You might like to explore them.

Suzanne Clothier offers a range of webinars, videos and e-books to help us better understand our dogs and improve our human-canine relationship. While she is based in Johnsville USA, if you book a webinar with Suzanne you will receive a link to the recorded event so you don’t have to operate in USA time-zones. We highly recommend Suzanne’s work and here are links for her upcoming webinars:




Alexis Davison operates Scholars in Collars in South Australia and she has just announced two on-line short courses available to all – puppy online and life skills online. BDAG regularly engages Alexis to deliver dog training workshops for us – maybe you have attended one. BDAG highly recommends the work of Alexis and her team. For further information go to:

Susan Garrett operates ‘Dogs That’ with a focus on an innovative ‘game-based’ positive reinforcement training system and education. She offers a range of on-line courses and other training materials. You will find Susan’s courses and resources at

Home school the dog is being offered at the discounted price of $49 US in October 2020 (normally $297). This is a great 4 month program for you and your dog. Click HERE for Home School the Dog

Jane Killion is well known for her highly regarded puppy culture training program, which gives great guidance to helping your pup get the best start in life. There are streaming and dvd purchase options. Many positive trainers use this program for their own pups. If you have a puppy in your life, this is highly recommended. Go to:

Emily Larlham runs Dogmantics Dog Training in San Diego, California.  She is well known for her popular Youtube Channel ‘Kikopup’ where she has posted over 350 free in-depth dog training tutorials. Go here to access her material:

Karolina Westlund heads up Illis Animal Behaviour Consulting and her focus is improving animal welfare by striving to help animals achieve higher net happiness. She offers publications, a blogg and on-line courses which are suited to those who want to take their understanding and training to a higher level. For more information go here:

Karen Pryor Academy (USA) is a team of international instructors who teach force-free training with the aim of building a community of positive reinforcement trainers who collaborate in training and behavioural science practices. While primarily focused on developing instructors, there are gems for handlers too. KPA is currently offering recorded webinars on ‘Live from the Ranch’ – go to