Scent Work Training

Scent Work training is a fun activity to enjoy with your dog.

dog running

In scent work training we teach your dog how to recognise and find particular scents.

Scent work is a great game for our canine friends, however it’s not only open to dogs, you can also teach rats, cats, guinea pigs etc to do scent work.  No kidding.

Scent work is fun and virtually any dog is able to do it.  It can be done at home, in a class, out and about in a park, on a walk, or even in/around your car.

It is inexpensive.

Scent work is not only fun, it also has other benefits.  You will develop a stronger bond, and build your dog’s confidence.  It is especially useful for shy, fearful or reactive dogs.

Scent work provides both mental and physical exercise – and is great to play on wet weather days.