Doggy Dancing title winners!

We are so proud of our Doggy Dancing title winners: Trish Gavaghan with Star, and Glenys Murray with Knight!

Star and Knight


Odour Recognition Trial, 5 May 2018: Save the date and register

BDAG is planning an Odour Recognition trial on May 5th 2018 in Geelong (Moolap) with the assistance of Australian Canine Scent Work (ACSW)

Further information and to register for the NW1 trial:

Register to be a volunteer on the day:

Save the date - ORT scent trials on 5 May 2018


Note the following:-

  • Once the trial closes, the ACSW will check that all memberships are current, dogs are registered and will confirm the birch ORT has been passed.
  • ACSW will – if needed – perform a ballot and will inform all successful competitors via email that they need to pay by 6 April (via CHQ/EFT).
  • ACSW will inform unsuccessful competitors that they are on a waiting list (pending payments by successful competitors).
  • ACSW will email all successful trial competitors between 20-25 April confirming all details for the day of the trial including the address.

2018 dates, move, and Block 4 classes

Start Dates for 2018

Block 1:  Jan 31 – March 29
Block 2: April 18 – June 20
Block 3: July 19 – 20 September 20
Block 4: October 26 – December 13


Please help us move

We will shift our equipment out of the Cattle Pavilion on 7th October 2017 from 9am-1pm. The equipment will be moved to Storage King on Queenscliff Road Newcomb.
All help appreciated.
Truck available and booked. Cheryl has offered to drive the truck.


Classes Block 4 2017

New members: 2 classes
Tricks: Thursdays 7pm (Jo)
Agility Foundation 1:  Wednesdays 7pm
Foundation 1:  Wednesday & Thursday, 7pm & 8pm  (M Giles)
Foundation 2:  Wednesday & Thursday
Obedience fun: Thursday 7pm to 8pm with Rally extension (Libby)
Agility 3 & 4+:  Thursdays  7 & 8pm (Vanessa)
Tracking beginners: arena area Thursdays 7pm (Wendy)
Scent class: Thursday (Lynne)

Tracking Workshop 29-30 July

Hosted by Bellarine Dog Activities Group

Tracking is ideal for dogs which have high drive and require a means for release. Tracking is also a great way to build a strong partnership with your dog built on trust and understanding. Emphasis is placed on learning how your dog works and working with your dog as a team. In tracking, a trail is laid out by either yourself or another person (tracklayer). This trail can be anything from a few hundred meters to well over a kilometre.

At tracking theory workshops you will learn about the dogs amazing and often underestimated ability for tracking, working with your dog as a partner, reading your dogs body language, training progression, troubleshooting and understanding scent movement in the environment.

Workshop Registration

Booking essential. Limited places available. Payment to Bellarine Dog Activities Group.

Cost: $80 each day or $160 for both.
Venue: 57 Coppards Rd  Moolap 3224. [BYO lunch. Tea and coffee supplied]
Saturday July 29 2017, 9:00am-4:30pm: An information-packed seminar. No dogs at this theory day. $80 covers  a 70 page booklet with all the theory plus troubleshooting, and how to progress in your tracking.
Sunday July 30 2017, 9:00am-5:00pm: Practical day. Bring your hungry dog (don’t feed your dog before coming to training).

On Sunday, also bring:

  • Fixed  collar or a back attach harness,
  • Lots and lots of small soft treats – Devon. Chicken, etc.
  • Dog Lead up to 5m long. No worry if you don’t have one, we can loan you one.
  • Crate or car to house dogs when not working
  • Lots of old socks preferably dark ones.

For more information

Contact  Helen Read  Secretary on 0415833508 or