BDAG Training Classes

Classes are generally held on Wednesday and Thursday nights at the Royal Geelong Showgrounds, Vic Australia.

Starting Dates: First Wednesday of each school term (unless otherwise notified).

Session 1: 7.00pm – 7.45pm
Session 2: 8.00pm – 8.45pm

Map of Geelong showgrounds

Map of Geelong showgrounds

How classes are structured

  • The class size is restricted to 8 or fewer dogs to allow for more efficient training.
  • Classes include general instruction and exercise/activities sessions to show and learn new skills or address existing challenges or problems.
  • Time should be set aside over the course of the week to practice existing and new skills at home.
  • Homework exercises are encouraged for maximum benefits and progress.
  • Dogs and their handlers will move on to the next class once they are competent at the exercises listed for each level and the end of a block.
  • New Member Intake each block starts with orientation night; which is compulsory.

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