BDAG Training Classes

Classes are generally held on Wednesday and Thursday nights of school terms at the Royal Geelong Showgrounds, Vic Australia.

Starting Dates: Second Wednesday of each school term (unless otherwise notified), and continuing for 8 weeks.

Session 1: 7.00pm – 7.45pm
Session 2: 8.00pm – 8.45pm

Map of Geelong showgrounds

Map of Geelong showgrounds


How classes are structured

  • The class size is generally restricted to 8 or fewer dogs to allow for more effective training.
  • Classes include general instruction and exercises/activities sessions to show and learn new skills or address existing challenges or problems.
  • Time should be set aside over the course of the week to practice existing and new skills at home.
  • Homework exercises are encouraged for maximum benefits and progress.
  • Dogs and their handlers will move on to the next class once they are competent at the exercises listed for each level and the end of a block.
  • New Member Intake each block starts with orientation night; which is compulsory.

Classes offered

Classes currently offered at BDAG are shown in the tables below in two groups – primary classes and advanced classes.  Prerequisites for attending various levels of training are listed.

Note that class offerings can change for time to time depending on member interest and instructor availability.

[1] Under review

Class progression

People joining BDAG begin in the introduction class and progress towards their desired level once competencies at each prerequisite level are achieved.

In order to participate in the higher level classes – for example, agility, tricks, scenting – you must complete the following levels of training:

  • introduction (new members) – often takes 1 term, then
  • foundation 1 – often takes 2 terms, then
  • foundation 2 – often takes 2 terms, then
  • pass your assessment for the award of Geelong Canine Citizen

It is possible to complete each of the foundation levels in one term – if you do all the homework and practice training exercises with your dog most days.  However, it is far more important for you and your dog to progress at your own pace (with homework) than to aspire to a speedy rate of progress through the levels.

Once Foundation 2 training is completed, the handler-dog team is able to enroll in the assessment for the Geelong Canine Citizen Award.   Achievement of this award allows the team to participate in the advanced classes, and allows the owner to apply for a discount on Council dog registration fees.

If you have further questions about class allocation and progression contact us at


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