Joining BDAG (membership)

If you would like to train with BDAG you will need to join the club and complete the steps listed below – please read on…..

If you are already a member of BDAG and have completed an introduction term, please see the Current BDAG Members page for class information and term bookings.



We are delighted to be finalising arrangements to resume training in Term 1 of 2021.  As everyone understands, our ability to resume and continue training is entirely dependent on the Victorian State Government Covid-19 restrictions that are in place. So, this situation could change at any time.

The training program for Term 1 of 2021 is different to our usual programme as a result of Covid.  We have reduced the number of classes on offer and we also need to manage a very significant back log of new members who have patiently waited to begin training.

For Term 1 and potentially continuing into Term 2, we will offer a larger number of 4 week introduction classes for new members.  Some people will undertake a second 4 week introduction class in Term 2, and some will move directly into Foundation 1 – this will be progress dependent.

We have instigated a new booking system for classes and membership, using ‘trybooking’.  All memberhsip applications and training classes bookings in 2021 will be undertaken using the new system.  Further information is provided in the section below.

We have also developed a Covid-safe plan – as required to operate the club. All those participating in training will need to comply with the plan.

Becoming a BDAG member and enrolling in dog training classes

We have four intakes for New Members each year, which generally align with the start of school terms.    Introduction classes fill quickly and there is often a wait to begin training.  All new members complete one term of classes at the introduction level, and can then move into the Foundation class stream.

Please note:  our introduction classes are now full until Term 3 of 2021

To train with BDAG, you must be a member of the club, and be allocated to a class.

To become a member you will need to:

  • submit an application for membership application for consideration of the Committee, and
  • pay your first year membership fee

The Club has the right to refuse membership application.

To be allocated to a class, you will need to:

  • be an approved and financial member, and
  • have submitted a client profile form for each dog you wish to train, and
  • have paid the term fee for each dog you want to train (due fours weeks prior to training), and
  • have provided us with proof of current vaccination of the dog(s)
  • before your first class, have attended an orientation session – these are generally conducted on the Thursday night of the week before the start of each training term.

There is almost always a wait list for new members to be placed in a class, as both the availability of instructors and the size of the venue dictate the number of classes we can offer.  Those who have submitted a membership application including a client profile, and have fully paid their fees are placed in a queue in order of the date of payment of fees.  Those who have not fully paid or have not completed all forms, drop lower in the queue.

In the event you pay your fees but cannot be placed in a class for some time (due to the size of the wait-list) we will refund your fees in full on request.

In some cases, we may wish to discuss the suitability of group training classes for your dog, and this will sometimes be accompanied by an instructor meeting you and your dog to make an assessment.  If the instructor determines that group classes are not in your dog’s best interests, we will suggest more suitable options for training.

To apply for membership:

  1. Email us at advising that that you would like to train, and we will send you a link to the booking form and ticket purchase.
  2. Complete the online form
  3. We will contact you about the success of your application, and provide further information

To secure a place in a class:

  1. Purchase an on-line class ticket from the link we send you.

* If your application is not successful, your fee payments will be fully refunded.  If there is an extended wait to be allocated a class your fee payments can be refunded in full on request.

BDAG New Member fees:

Fees have been updated for 2020-21.

There are two fees which apply to all new memberships, and all fees must be paid in advance:

  • First year annual membership fee* (which includes: annual membership, joining fee and a training pouch).  Payment of this fee is done online and secures your place in the queue for a class
  • Term/class training fee – due four weeks before the training class commences.  The fee applies to each dog trained, for each term.  This is purchased through our in-line system

*membership of those who join or begin training in the last quarter of a year extends through to December of the following year

New Member BDAG fees

First year membership fee (standard annual membership fees apply after the first year, unless membership lapses.  Standard annual membership fees are due by 1 January each year)
Standard single:                   $95
Standard family**:              $110
Pension card holder^:         $70

The first year membership fees includes a training treat pouch, and if you already have a pouch which meet standards approved by the head trainer, a $25 discount may apply (and no pouch will be provided).

Term training fee (paid per term for each dog; each term is generally 8 weeks of training)
Standard:                           $80
Pension card holder^:     $30

^ we will need to view your pension card – a photo submitted with your application will be fine, or bring your card to orientation night

** a family is defined as people living at the same address.  Family membership is often used when multiple people from the same family will be training the dog or training more than one dog. 

You can attend as many terms in a year as you wish (up to the maximum of 4 terms).
Club members are emailed information about classes and ticket purchasing before each new training block.  You then have the choice as to whether you want to attend that training block or not.

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