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BDAG COVID-19 Response

By March 14, 2020No Comments

As I am sure you are all aware, many organisations are making major changes to how they operate in order to reduce the spread of the corona virus.  For instance, people are working from home, sporting events are being cancelled and those with symptoms are being asked to self-isolate.

BDAG also needs to consider this and act.  We care about the health and wellbeing of all our members.  Our Committee is meeting this coming  Tuesday to develop our COVID-19 response.  In doing so, we are looking carefully at what is being recommended by authorities and specialists, and what other organisations are doing.  Please be aware that the response developed may well include cancellation and postponement of classes.

In the interim, we have instigated a set of protocols which are described below.


Interim Covid-19 protocols for BDAG:

  • All people with any symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend training.  Symptoms are described at
  • People with existing respiratory problems or challenges should carefully consider whether to attend training.
  • Training classes will be arranged, where feasible – to achieve a 2 metre separation between people.
  • BDAG members are reminded that we share the toilet facilities with others, and care should be taken in touching surfaces that may be contaminated.  If possible, BDAG will provide hand sanitizer for use of members attending training, and you may like to bring your own.
  • BDAG members are requested to observe the hygiene protocols provided by DHS (link provided above), including:
    • wash your hands often with soap and water
    • use a tissue and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
    • avoid close contact with others, such as touching.
  • Please avoid gathering in close groups for a chat.
  • BDAG won’t be offering tea and coffee services during this time.


As the situation progresses, BDAG committee will revise these protocols.  It is possible that there may be significant impacts on our ability to deliver training in the last two weeks of Term 1 and in Term 2.  We will keep members informed via email and our website and Facebook page.

If you would like further information on potential COVID-19 impacts, here is a very informative technical article:


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